I am uniting the NPP with my outbursts – Kennedy Agyapong

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Thu, 20 Jul 2017 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Agyapong has dismissed claims suggesting he is incessantly attacking leadership and members of his party; the New Patriotic Party.

On the contrary he says, he is only seeking for the progress of the party by constantly criticizing wrongs within it. He says drawing the attention of his colleagues to such things will ensure they are fixed moving forward and eventually contribute to the success of the party.

“I am rather uniting the party, I’m drawing their attention…..even doctors say taking bitter pills to cure the medicine is better than taking sugar-coated pills that will worsen the situation. Whenever I speak, you say I’m overdoing it but I’m bringing out the very same issues causing wrangling within the party….”, he explained.

Mr. Agyapong expressed unconcern about the attacks launched on him by the public and party members. He maintained that he will continuously be critical of the party so long as he sees party members encouraging the NDC’s agenda.

“If NPP members are listening to me, it is not too late to correct our mistakes. Our mistake is that we are still looking on as NDC Members control the system. I will say it, I will talk about it, so if you think I’m destroying the party by doing that and so you’ll want me to sit and watch as you encourage the NDC, I will continue to talk”

Speaking on the supposed statements he made about ambassadorial appointments in the Central Region, Mr. Agyapong said he maintains his statements on the sidelining of Central Regional members as far as ambassadorial appointments are concerned. He however denied insinuating by his comments that he is disappointed in President Akufo-Addo. He blamed the media for misconstruing his comments and dared his accusers to produce evidence of his supposed statements.

“This is how I put it; would it have been bad for Major General Baiden to have appointed an ambassador from the Central Region? It’s true, I still maintain it, but it is different from you saying that Ken Agyapong says he is disappointed in Akufo-addo. The media, you will make Ghana fall. I predicted something like this would happen at the meeting (Central Regional Delegates Conference) and it did but me I don’t care...I'm daring you to play the tape again and listen very well", he said.

Mr. Agyapong stated that he is only on the look-out for the party by bringing to the fore the same things that bother party members but remain unsaid and cause wranglings in the party.

“A lot of people are not able to speak on the sentiments of the party people now but they are very unhappy because they see the same people who antagonized the party still at the helm of affairs.

He urged party members to be vigilante and on the look for “agenda” being set by members of the opposition National Democratic Congress.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com