I couldn’t help my suffering in-law because my money was filthy – Repented sakawa man reveals

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Wed, 17 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Former Leader of a notorious social media occult group ‘Blood Money Family’ (BMF), Kofi Amoateng popularly called Abusua, has revealed how he sadly was unable to help his family and associates back in the day as a result of the source of the millions he used to enjoy.

According to Abusua who has now rebranded as Onegod, he had millions of fraudulent money to enjoy but owing to his spiritual dealings, close people around him could not benefit from his wealth as such an act was against his ritual requirements.

He adds that such a source of wealth known in local parlance as ‘Sakawa’ is not sustainable and therefore urged Ghanaians to desist from such an illegitimate way of making money.

“You can’t live life on fraud money. You can only spend fraudulent money on womanising, cars, and food. Everyone who is into fraud cannot sustain their wealth, no matter how hard they try they will lose it. Because it is not coming out of their own sweat,” he revealed in an interview with Oman Channel.

Speaking further, Onegod disclosed that he could not offer financial support to his own relatives when he used to be a cultist because such a gesture would have eventually worsened the situation of anyone he had tried to help.

“When a fraud boy gives you money to invest in your business, your finances will go worst. I used to talk to my in-law and realise she really needed money but I couldn’t help her because if I give her money it will cause her troubles. My own sister needed money and I couldn’t help her because when I give her money it will worry her,” he added.

Onegod who publicly denounced occultism some few years ago, says he is now dedicated to the ways of a higher power he terms “Karma” and it was through “Karma” that he was able to give up his old ways.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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