I did not submit complete documents - SnooCODE CEO

Tue, 24 Oct 2017 Source: Patrick Fynn

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Recent developments after the Presidential launch of the GhanaPost GPS and its public use have generated concerns about SnooCODE, an alternative digital addressing solution.

Discussions about why many other solutions including SnooCode, a product of tinyDAVID did not make a cut in the selection process, have been opened in the wake of events.

Sesinam Dagadu, software developer, CEO and founder of tinyDAVID (SnooCODE) has in a number of social media rantings bemoaned that he lost out in the bidding process; a thing he expresses dissatisfaction about.

However, checks at the Communications Ministry reveal that following government's awarding of the contract to Vokacom, Sesinam relayed grievances to the Deputy Minister through Israeli Ambassador, H.E Ami Mehl.

A subsequent meeting between GhanaPost Managing Director, the deputy minister and the SnooCODE Founder saw the aggrieved admitting to his incomplete submission of papers for official expression of interest to the bewilderment of all. “I didn't submit complete documents”, he said.

The digital addressing system under the steering authority of the Ghana Post Company Limited was procured under national competitive tendering procedures specified in The Public Procurement Act, 2003. It therefore leaves much to be questioned about the outcry of contempt by SnooCODE.

Source: Patrick Fynn
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