I lived with dwarfs for 7 years, killed many people for money rituals - Prophetess Blessing tells it all

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Thu, 18 Mar 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

A Ghanaian prophetess based in Kumasi has detailed her transition from occultism and fetish practices to Christianity in a jaw-dropping interview with blogger Zion Felix.

In the no-holds-barred interview, Prophetess Blessing Amoaniwaa who has a church in Kumasi narrated how a pact between her grandparents who were struggling for children in the past led to a union between her family and that of the underworld.

“My family had their wish eventually. They had kids and successful people in our family but they forgot that they had a pact with the devil. A pact which stated that a member of our family at every point in time would be sacrificed to the shrine as a fetish priest or priestess as a form of thanksgiving to the gods for giving my grandparents the babies they had been yearning for," she narrated.

“Members of my family who were to serve as fetish priests or priestesses and refused were either hit with perennial sickness or went mad. My auntie and uncle all suffered from those calamities,” Prophetess Blessing added.

In her years as a fetish priest, Prophetess Blessing said she lived with dwarfs for 7 years and killed many people for money rituals.

She says it has been an arduous task to free herself from the pact that her forefathers had with the occult world.

Watch the mind-blowing interview below.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com