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I’ll die if I watch my son’s gruesome murder video – Maj. Mahama’s father

Major Journalist Broadcast Journalist Thomas Adotei-Pappoe in a chat with Cpt. Mahama, father of the late Major Maham

Tue, 28 May 2019 Source:

aptain (retd) Dennis Mahama, father of the the late Major Maxwell Mahama, has revealed he has not been able to muster courage to watch the viral videos of the May 29, 2017 incident that showed his son being chased, lynched and burnt as he begged for his life. Major Mahama was two years ago murdered in cold blood and his body partly burned by a mob of alleged ‘galamseyers’ who filmed the entire gruesome act on their mobile phones.

“I pray I should not see that video,” he muttered, and added “if I see that video, I will die”.

In a philosophical expression, the former Army officer who could not hold back his tears in an interview with TV3, said he will forgive the killers of his son when his tears get dried up.

He encouraged persons asking for forgiveness to rather channel their appeal to God who created Major Maxwell Mahama.

Captain Mahama recalled the last conversation he had with his late son who asked him to oversee a two bedroom house he was putting up.

“I have not heard from my son again” he said, wiping tears from the corner of his left eye.

He let out a deep breath and while his lips vibrated, he mustered courage to continue the interview.

He denied some media reports that his son was engaged in galamsey.

Captain Mahama reiterated the late Major Mahama was sent to Denkyira Obuasi on anti galamasey operations to relieve an officer writing promotional exams.

For him, even though closure is yet to be brought on the ongoing trial, the family has confidence in the justice system to bring perpetrators to book.

He, however, expressed disappointment that only 14 people were standing trial even though a large number of people took part in the act.

He said five gun shots went through his son’s body demanding arrest of persons who fired, took possession of his mobile phone, fetched kerosene and lighted his body.

“I will be glad to see at least 150 people well identified as those who contributed and took part in the killing of this innocent soul” he wished.

No lessons learnt

He was surprised that Ghanaians have not learnt any lessons from the tragic death of his son.

He said it is unfortunate that what happened to Major Maxwell Mahama was still being perpetrated in the country two years on.

“Unfortunately, we have not learnt anything, neither has it pricked our senses” he stated.

The late Maj. Mahama Major Mahama, a member of the 5th Infantry of the Ghana Armed Forces who was on official duty, was lynched at Denkyira-Obuasi in the Central Region on May 29, 2017 when some residents mistook him for an armed robber.

A part of his body was set ablaze. His body was retrieved filled with marks of assault including multiple deep cut wounds on the head, the Police said.

His murder reignited calls for an end to instant mob justice which was becoming rampant across the country and led to the death of a number of people.

Maj. Mahama was given a state burial and government resolved to cater for his wife and two children with the establishment of Major Mahama Trust Fund which is currently before parliament.

Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul in November 2017 justified the various interventions put in place for the welfare of the family of the late soldier, stating “at that time, that was the sensible thing to do”.

He explained that government did all those “because the anger in the people, the anger in the military, the anger in the civilian, the anger in the clergy, [and] civil society was such that government needed to do this”.


Fourteen persons including the assembly man for Denkyira Obuasi, William Baah are standing trial at an Accra High Court over the killing of Major Mahama.

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