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I’m embarrassed by my region’s position in school rankings - Cambodia

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The Northern Regional Director of Education, Mohammed Haroun popularly known as ‘Cambodia’ says he feels embarrassed as a Regional Director of education anytime the school rankings are released and sees the schools from his Region at the 10th position.

This, according to him, can be attributed to the lack of pathological skills and the teaching methodology from both pupil teachers and volunteer teachers to impact on the children.

“Nothing Region for the past three years in the national league table, we have always been the 10th position at both WASSCE and BECE. Out of 10 regions, we are 10th, I feel I am the most embarrassed Regional Director” he said.

Speaking at the Ghana Association of Bankers (GAB) and Teach2Teach International roundtable in Accra, Mohammed Haroun explained that because of poverty, parents use their children on farms as labourers and this has contributed to the decline on the school's rankings.

Mohammed Haroun however, attributed the failure of teachers to accept postings to the rural areas to the lack of electricity, bad road network as well as the non-existence of telecommunication services which makes it difficult to reach people in such areas.

To help improve the academic prospects of rural communities, Teach2Teach International in partnership with School for Life, Ghana (SfL) has begun an initiative to train volunteer teachers so they can teach in some of the deprived schools of the north.

The Community Volunteer Teacher Programme (CVTP) transforms an existing training and educational methodology proven to have worked for over 20 years.

T2T has created a scalable, high impact new model with a huge multiplier effect. It has employed young people, particularly women and supported them to gain professional in-service training and a foothold in training while enhancing the classroom experience and academic outcomes of their students.

The CVTP is the flagship programme of Teach 2 Teach International which is being piloted in the Northern Regional capital, Tamale. The training programme provides quality professional training to talented and motivated young people who want to develop professional skills and help their community.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com