I met my biological father for the first time on a bus to Yendi - Young man reveals

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Wed, 5 May 2021 Source: SVTV Africa

A Momo vendor, Joseph Addo, has disclosed that he met his biological father on a journey to find him.

According to him, he had never met his dad and all hopes of meeting him through his mother proved futile. With the help of a family friend, Joseph was told to travel to Yendi, where his father worked.

"He was a bus driver who travelled to Yendi from the Volta region. A family friend from my father’s side told me to go to Yendi to wait for my father. On my way, the bus I boarded was my father’s bus.

I asked a passenger to help me with directions and she asked where I was going. I told her who I was going to see and luckily my father overheard our conversation," Joseph explained.

He added that his father began asking questions about his family and where he came from.

"He asked for my mother's and grandparent’s name too. That was when he realised that I was his son. He was very happy to see him too," he added.

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Source: SVTV Africa