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I started something and it became bigger than me – FixTheCountry founder

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Mon, 13 Feb 2023 Source:

He started the #FixTheCountry in 2021 and had many Ghanaians join the campaign that called for accountability, good governance, better standard of living, among others, from the government.

The campaign which started on social media transcended to the mainstream with many people joining the chorus of advocacy.

While refuting claims political opponents offered him money to embark on the campaign and continuously haunt the government, Joshua Boye Doe (KalyJay) said he meant well when he started the campaign.

“Not even a single pesewa,” he said on The Delay Show when asked if he was influenced by anyone. “At the point I started FixTheCountry, I looked at my life, I was making money on social media; I looked at my friends and my circle and I realized that there are people in my circle that are way brilliant and needed an opportunity to work but they were not getting it.”

“People came to my DM asking for money for school fees, money for healthcare. I sometimes give them if I have. It got to a time; I got fed up. I realized if the system was working, some of these burdens would not be on me,” he added.

KalyJay admitted to becoming more popular and meeting ambassadors but was quick to add that these were realized “because of my hard work.”

He continued: “Before FixTheCountry, people knew me on Twitter. I can change the trends on Twitter. I know I have that power. I was raising funds for people on Twitter before FixTheCountry.”

Asked if he would also admit that he started something that became bigger than him, the social media influencer responded in the affirmative.

“Yeah, I started something and it became bigger than me; and it became politicized. After the whole thing went down, I started to reflect,” he said.”

Meanwhile, KalyJay disclosed he failed to join protesters in August 2021 because he noticed the campaign “lost its motives” due to politicization. He also mentioned that his family was scared for him and advised he hides “in the shadows for a while”.

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