I was a drug pusher in SHS - Man shares experience

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Fri, 3 Jul 2020 Source: svtvafrica.com

The former drug addict, who is now receiving treatment at the House of St. Francis Rehab Center in Ashiaman disclosed on SVTV Africa that he was a drug pusher in his time in Senior High School.

"I sold all kinds of drugs on campus, be it marijuana, tramadol..," he said.

According to him, he was even sacked from school after school authorities noticed that he was into drug business on campus. He didn’t only sell them; he smoked and used them too.

He added that he influenced about 80% of his colleagues in SHS to do drugs.

"I was a very cool guy on campus and I had many admirers. Everybody including my roommates wanted to behave and be like me but I was very bad underground which they didn’t know," he recalled.

Because most of my colleagues wanted to be like me, it was very easy for me to convince them to smoke weed and do other drugs’’. He narrated.

He made an account that, after he was sacked from school, his drug level increased more and at a point, he even wanted to sell his mum’s car and house.

He continued that one day, he woke up and was so fed up with drugs, his urge to stop was so high, so immediately, he told his mum, and eventually, he was brought to St. Francis rehab center in Ashiaman, where he is now going through a detoxification.

He is, however, thankful to God, for everything he has passed through, whether or not positive, and urging the youth to stay away from it.

Source: svtvafrica.com