I was a harsh critic of Rawlings but won't rejoice over his death - Kennedy Agyapong

Wed, 18 Nov 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kennedy Agyapong, the Member of Parliament for Assin Central has sent a message of condolence to the family of Former President Jerry John Rawlings following his passing.

Kennedy Agyapong said on Asempa FM that, despite his fierce criticism of the former president during his existence, he has no reason to jubilate over his death.

He stated that instead of rejoicing over the demise of someone he had reservations with, he will rather reflect on his life and pick lessons from it.

“My condolence to Mrs. Rawlings and her children as well as the family of ex-president Rawlings. I have been a harsh critic of Rawlings but when death happens, you reflect and think about certain things. I will die one day so I don’t have to jubilate over his death. We are all human beings so we will die”.

Kennedy Agyapong also refuted some quotes which have been attributed to him regarding the death of Rawlings.

He said that he had no hand in Rawlings’ death and will not pass any negative remark about the NDC founder.

“I have seen on social media that I have been fingered in Rawlings’ death and that I have said that Rawlings managed some things. I want to state on record on that I have not said anything and will not say anything negative about him”, he said.

Kennedy Agyapong as confessed, was harsh critic of Rawlings. He constantly accused him of being the brain behind what he perceives to be laziness among the Ghanaian youth.

Kennedy Agyapong said that Rawlings deliberately collapsed businesses and made Ghanaians overly dependent on the government.

He criticized him for 'killing' the entrepreneurial spirit among Ghanaians.

“I will be blunt, this perception about sikaduro used to exist but the person who worsened it is ex-President Rawlings. He made people lazy and over-dependent on government. When he came, he killed and collapsed successful Ghanaian businesses. He either killed the owners or let them run away and allowed the workers to run the business. You don’t know the thinking that went into its establishment so when it’s given to you overnight, you won’t be able to manage it.

“Rawlings created the impression that the owners of the businesses were cheating their workers. He indoctrinated Ghanaians to the extent that everything was the government so you see today that most of our people have become beggars and they are always depending on government for everything. That’s the remote cause of what we are experiencing today.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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