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I was accused of killing Bishop Nyarko - Christiana Awuni

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Sat, 8 May 2021 Source:

Kumawood actress Christiana Awuni has recounted the ordeal she went through a year ago when some persons wrongfully accused her of killing her ‘good friend’ actor Bishop Bernard Nyarko.

The actor on May 2, 2020, passed away after battling with an illness for almost 2 years. He is remembered for his roles in movies like John and John, Sidechic Gang among a host of others.

Christiana Awuni narrating how she received news of his death in an interview on ZionFelix, monitored by GhanaWeb, said, “I was disturbed with his sudden demise. It was painful and very disturbing.”

According to her, it was a challenging period in her life as some persons claimed she had a hand in Bishop’s death as a result of a failed love affair with the actor.

“I heard several rumours. Some claim that I killed him because he left me for another woman. Why must you forge such stories… what will I get from killing Bishop?” she questioned.

She further added: “It wasn’t easy for me at all. I cried unto God and asked him to be my judge. I told God to take my life if truly I was behind Bishop’s death.

“It is better to rather do something to let your partner love you more instead of killing them. That is better, killing someone isn’t an easy job because you will never have peace. Their blood will be on your head,” she said.

Also reacting to the rumours that she was a former lover of the actor the Kumawood actress who failed to give a definite answer had this to say, “He was my friend, he was my good friend… we were that close. We both visited each other.”

"There wasn’t bad blood between us, we were in constant contact but I never saw him. He was sick for almost one and half years, during that period I never saw Bishop. He didn’t want anyone to see him in that state… he asked me to wait until he had recovered. I didn’t see him until his death,” she revealed.

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