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I will bring honesty, integrity to bear as President - Elipklim Agbemava

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Amid the debate about the surge of corruption in the country particularly in governance and politics, an individual who believes his personality, mindset and determination to restore sanity, integrity and honor is unprecedented has emerged as the “preferred” candidate for the flagbearership position in the National Democratic Congress and subsequently, the First gentleman of the Republic of Ghana.

Described by many as ‘Rawling’s favourite’, Lawyer and Presidential hopeful, Elikplim Agbemava appears to be taking after his ‘mentor’s’ revulsion for corruption and dishonesty in governance. Taking his turn on the 21 Minutes with KKB show, Mr. Agbemava touted his principles and how confident he is of the fact that those values will be evident in his administration if he is given the opportunity to serve as the leader of his party and the nation.

He believes the citizenship deserve nothing less than utmost integrity and he believes he is in the best position to deliver on that score.

“I’m a better candidate because I bring honesty and integrity to the politics we have in Ghana. We must do responsible politics in Ghana that is what is most important. If we want to communicate with the people of Ghana, we must communicate to them in all honesty and explain to them what the real issues are and when they are called upon to take bigger tasks, we must be frank and let them know because the whole country belongs to all of us and we cannot risk losing the country, if the country comes down, we all lose but if we sacrifice and we are able to build a better Ghana, then we all enjoy”, he noted.

Touching on ex-President Mahama’s performance in the previous government, he said;


“We all know the price we are paying for bad governance. I admit there was bad governance when the NDC was in power, that’s why we were voted out. In the estimation of the people of Ghana, he did not meet their expectation.”

He lauded the staunch position of former President, Jerry John Rawlings on issues of corruption and dishonesty. He also indicated that Mr. Rawlings has pledged his support to all contenders of the flagbearship position for the 2020 elections. “I believe in whatever he (Rawlings) says and it is true that we had issues of corruption, bad governance”, he said.

“I’ve met him a number of times and what he tells me is that he will support all of us to build a stronger party. He is going to provide the support everybody in the contest needs to ensure a stronger party to win the election”, he further added.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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