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I will champion peace in the three northern regions - Rashid Pelpuo

Rashid Pelpuo New New New MP for Wa Central, Alhaji Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo

Tue, 1 Aug 2017 Source:

Wa Central Member of Parliament, Alhaji Abdul-Rashid Pelpuo said he will soon embark on a peace education in the three Northern Regions.

This he said will ensure that the three northern regions in the Savana belt also experience the much-needed development in order to be at par with the rest of the regions in the Southern part of the country.

The Member of Parliament for Wa Central and former Minister of state in charge of Public Private Partnership Dr. Rashid Pelpuo has been awarded with international Icon of Peace Award by the World Institute of Peace.

The ceremony which took place in Osogbo in the Osun State of Nigeria on Saturday saw the Wa Central legislator walking away with the prestigious award.

“This award in fact has given me another energy which will urge me on to embark on an education in the three northern regions, to speak and encourage especially the youths to understand the importance of peaceful co-existence, which will bring the development that we want. It is only with peace and stability that we can also develop in our part of the country. We have to stop that ‘devil’ which is always finding jobs for idle hands, the three northern regions must and have to develop,” he said.

Alhaji Dr. Rashid Pelpuo was honored for his tremendous efforts in promoting peace and enhancing humanitarian services across the world especially through his poetry, hence he said this recognition will not be taken as one of those plaques to decorate his shelves but a source of motivation to bring to reality his thoughts and campaigns on peace.

In a telephone interview with Onua Fm news, the recipient of the coveted 2017 international Icon of Peace Award maintained that it is only peace that can bring progress to any nation, especially the developing nations, adding that “I will call on my other colleagues from the three northern regions to join me in this project, as well as all peace-loving Ghanaians, because the time is now.”

As the key note speaker at the World Institute for Peace (WIP) event in faraway Nigeria, the former Minister state in charge of Public Private Partnership, his speech centred on the involvement of young people in Tourism and in private sector activities, contending that the critical elements in any economic activity are peace, security and the elimination of corruption and abuse of power.

He also emphasized that for young people to engage in any meaningful economic ventures they must endeavor to develop the appropriate frame of mind and skill that will let them overcome the sense of dependency in much part of the African society.

He labelled violent behavior in some young people as backward and distasteful.

According to him young people with the right attitude can take advantage of the many opportunities abound and the huge human resource potential all over Africa. They can invest in key areas of the economy rather than wait for the Asians, the Americans and the Europeans to come to their countries to invest and buy off their conscience.

However, the Founder and Executive Chairman of World Institute for Peace (WIP) Amb. Comrade Lamina Kamiludeen Omotoyosi was full of praise for the Wa central legislature.

Dr. Rashid Pelpuo has written series of poetry for projection of the peace of the world.

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