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I will put injunction on polls - Ayariga

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Mr Hassan Ayariga, flag bearer of the All People's Congress (APC) has threatened to put an injunction on the December 7 presidential and parliamentary elections after he was disqualified by the Electoral Commission from running this year.

He was among some twelve aspirants who have been disqualified.

The chair of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Charlotte Osei, on Monday October 10, cited filing anomalies including fraudulent signatures, absence of a required number of signatures, improper filling of nomination forms, among others, as the reasons for their disqualification.

However, Mr Ayraiga told Emefa Apawu on Class91.3FM's 505 programme on Monday evening after the announcement that: "This will not work, I will put an injunction on the election and we will have another election and not in 2016. The elections will go to 2020."


Describing his disqualification as absurd, Mr Ayariga explained that the reasons for his disqualification do not make sense "because the same identifications you gave me to use as a voter is the same document I used to fill the document. So Ghanaians should now tell me: Am I really disqualified or it's a deliberate attempt, because it doesn't make sense. So far as I am concerned, it doesn't make sense. Nobody will listen to this. That is why I am very upset. You cannot disqualify somebody based on the same documents you gave him."

He further stated that: "Madam Charlotte Osei herself is not qualified to be an EC leader. She's stupid and foolish."

"I am telling you she is not qualified to be an electoral commissioner. Somebody who has contested in an election in the past, you are telling me you don't know his identity. Are you normal? And for that reason you disqualify that person? Does it make sense to you? That you tell me that Hassan Ayariga, you don't know his identity? Who the f*** are you?" an obviously angry Mr Ayariga said, adding that "this is the joke of the century."

Source: classfmonline.com
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