IMANI Africa states reasons why CSOs oppose the new biometric voter system

JEAN MENSAH NEW Jean Mensa, Chairperson Electoral Commission

Mon, 20 Jan 2020 Source: imaniafrica.org

The EC wants to rip out a system worth $60 million, of which value at least $40 million has accumulated since just 2016, and spend $150 million (plus contingency) constructing a new one.

A careful analysis of best practice in procuring biometric technology for elections in Africa shows that the EC’s proposed spending plans are inflated by about 60%. In short, the EC’s proposed system is brutally expensive compared to other countries in Africa.

The EC’s claims about the existing system’s weaknesses are flawed and untrue because the biometric data can be salvaged and facial recognition technology already exist through visual inspection.

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Source: imaniafrica.org
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