INFOGRAPHIC: EC announces 72.69% turnout in first Special Voting

SV Day1 Turnout2 Infographic: Special Voting phase 1 turnout

Sun, 4 Dec 2016 Source: ghonetv.com

The Electoral Commission says 92,231 from an expected 126,875 registered voters were able to exercise their franchise in the early voting exercise on December 1.

But the exercise, though recording a 72.69% national turnout, has had to be extended to Sunday December 4 as a good number of personnel from security agencies were denied their rights to vote due to certain challenges with the Special Voting list.

The Electoral Commission has made arrangements to give these security personnel a fair opportunity to cast their ballots but has also issued provisional turnout figures per region for last Thursday’s exercise which would later be counted after the polls on the main voting day, December 7.

Source: ghonetv.com
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