INFOGRAPHIC: Parliamentary elections win since 1996-2012

INFOGRAPHICS 1 Since 1992 the independent seats have not been won beyond 4 in any parliamentary election

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 Source: IMANI

Since the 1992 parliamentary elections till 2012, 200 -275 parliamentary seats have been contested between parties over these years.

The 1992 parliamentary election saw the NDC win 189 out of 200 seats. In 1996, they further dropped to 133 with the NPP winning 60 seats.

However, in the 2000 parliamentary elections, the NPP came up to win 100 seats with the NDC managing only 92 seats. The NPP increased this lead in 2004 by winning 128 seats to the NDC's 94 in a total of 230 seats contested that year.

In 2008, the NDC came out strongly to win 116 against the NPP's 107 seats. This was later increased in 2012 when the NDC won 148 seats while the NPP won 123 out of the total 275 seats contested.

The PNC has since 1996 won at least a seat in parliament till date. Independents seats have always not been won beyond 4 in any parliamentary election year since 1992.

Source: IMANI
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