General News Fri, 12 Sep 2008

IT Company facilitates research on Ghana's laws

Accra, Sept. 12, GNA - An information technology company, DataCenta, has facilitated research on Ghana's laws by putting the full text of all reported judgements published in the Ghana Law Reports from 1959 and All England Law Reports from 1936 on fully searchable CD-ROM of online format.

The project which has been done in cooperation with LexesNexis will improve the speed and ease at which the law can be accessed to meet their professional needs.

According to the company, the law database offered the benefit of speed, comprehensiveness, convenience, accuracy, cross-referencing, and cost saving in time and effort compared to the frustration of a manual research.


Lawyers would not be stressed out since they would gain access to all legal material at the click of a mouse, DataCenta said. It said it had made strides in computerizing over 100,000 pages of Ghana's legal material from 1959 to date to provide database of different types of law-related materials on the CD-ROM. DataCenta's law database project on a CD-ROM has provided a quantum boost to the development of Ghana's legal information culture to be more accessible then ever to case law and to law journal articles, it said. The website addresses are www.datacenta.com and dtcenta@datacenta.com.

It said to make it easy to move between cases, decisions are cross-referenced and hyperlinked. Advanced search facilities also enabled lawyers to find the right information quickly. It said the case digest was arranged hierarchically and summaries are available to enable lawyers to gain an understanding of the presented report quickly.

Source: GNA