Incest: Father defiles two daughters, impregnates one

Incest Father Slept With Daughters The two girls; 13-year-old [L] and the 10-year-old [R] have been sexually abused by their father.

Fri, 25 May 2018 Source: 3news.com

A 40-year-old man, who allegedly committed incest by having sexual intercourse with her two daughters and impregnating one of them in the process, has been arrested by the Police in the Western Region.

Joshua Mensah in 2017 took custody of the two girls – 10 and 13-year-olds – from their mother in Accra and allegedly started defiling them.

The 13-year-old girl who dropped out of school after her father took custody of them, is currently five months and two weeks old pregnant.

He was said to have continued the sexual escapade with the girls in Sekondi Pipe Ano, Esaaman, and eventually, Daboase where his cover was blown and the matter reported to the Daboase Police who arrested him.

Though the two girls (name withheld) reported their ordeal to their grandmother in Daboase, the woman was said to have rebuked them, claiming there was nothing wrong for their father to have sex with them.

According to the girls, their father started having sexual intercourse with them about a year ago and has since been sexually abused, noting their pleas to their father proved futile as he usually beats them whenever they attempt to resist.

The two girls have been sent to the Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Sekondi for pregnancy and other related medical tests. Detailed medical report is yet to be released by the hospital.

Their mother, 31-year-old Yaa Foriwaa, a kontomire seller in Accra, could not hold back her tears as she spoke to Takoradi-based Connect FM about the condition of her daughters.

She said she had come to Daboase to visit the girls who she had not seen for a very long time only to find out their father have been having sex with them and impregnated one of them.

According to her, she first reported the matter to the Daboasehemaa who admitted the matter had come before her but the man denied.

Madam Foriwaa then reported the case to the Daboase Police who arrested Joshua and handed him to the Sekondi Police for investigation.

Joshua is likely to be charged with incest and defilment when he is put before court on June 1.

Source: 3news.com
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