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Independence Day Message from Nduom



Fellow Ghanaian Men and Women:

Fifty-one years ago, the Founder of our country, the Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah along with a number of courageous comrades, sealed the victory over colonial authority by gaining the independence of the then Gold Coast and named the new country, Ghana. In the process, we were committed to the Pan African agenda and principles of self-determination and social justice. We were determined to prove that we can manage our own affairs. All of us must be committed to making sure that we deliver on this objective in the 21st Century.

I wish to thank all of our nation’s forefathers including all those who founded and financed the United Gold Coast Convention and the young men and women led the fight for self-government now for their sacrifice and selflessness. Our 51st year of independence is a special one. It is the year Ghanaians vote for the person who will lead this country and define where Ghana will be in the 21st Century. Our people are asking for change – one that they can feel. Two of the major political parties in this country – the NDC and the NPP

- all have a record administering the affairs of the country in the Fourth Republic. Many Ghanaians are now demanding an alternative to these two political parties to be in power in 2009. On behalf of the CPP, I have promised Ghanaians a campaign of ideas, a government of inclusion using the best people, a soft heart to create a just and caring society and a great sense of urgency to implement solutions so that our people benefit quickly. I have promised to put the Ghanaian at the center of opportunity in the private and public sectors in Ghana. Furthermore, I have resolved to implement a consistent and aggressive government policy to support industries owned by Ghanaians throughout the country to provide sustainable jobs and living wages and salaries to our people.

The party that fought to bring independence in Ghana will not be the one that brings chaos into this country. We are resolved to ensure that at the end of this year’s elections, Ghanaians remain one people, united in a peaceful country, with one destiny. The CPP has renewed itself and is ready to reclaim its rightful place in Ghanaian politics as a winning party. I promised our people at Congress last year that I will make the CPP proud in 2008. Judging by the response of the people to our campaign so far, I am on course to deliver positively on this promise.

Ghanaians need a leader who will focus on solving our problems and implementing ideas to free our people from poverty now. I believe I am that leader.

As I did at the beginning of the year, I wish everyone a 51st year of independence that brings work that you desire and happiness that you deserve. God

Bless Our Homeland Ghana.

March 5, 2008

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