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Insider details of how Otumfuo, Asanteman Council destooled 96-year-old chief of Antoa

Otumfuo ordered the destoolment of Nana Agyeman I after a tribunal hearing

Fri, 2 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The overlord of the Ashanti Kingdom, His Royal Majesty Nana Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, on Monday, May 29, 2023, issued a decree for the destoolment of the Chief of Antoa, Nana Owusu Agyeman I.

This came after a tribunal of the Asanteman Traditional Council, headed by Otumfuo, found the 96-year-old Nana Agyeman guilty of defying the authority of the King.

In an exclusive audio shared by Royal Palace Multimedia on YouTube, several elders of the Antoa Traditional Council testified to the tribunal about Nana Agyeman's decision to swear in his nephew as a delegated chief of the town, despite opposition from his kinsmen.

According to the witnesses who testified at the tribunal, Nana Agyeman disregarded calls from members of the Antoa Traditional Council to seek approval from Otumfuo before proceeding with the installation of his nephew.

The destooled chief according to the witnesses, claimed that he had the authority to delegate his powers to his nephew without authorization from Otumfuo, stating, "Let them tell me what transpired and let no one dare lie to me. I sit here but I am very informed about everything that has happened at Antoa," as ordered by Otumfuo.

One elder who testified first told the tribunal, "About 40 days ago, I was not well and was scheduled for a check-up at Gee (Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital) in about a week's time, on a Tuesday. Upon my return, I learned that Nana Antoahene and his elders had met to deliberate on issues, and at the end of the deliberation, he announced that he was delegating his powers to his nephew. His linguist, Nana Amoako, cautioned him that even his family members were not aware of the intended action, let alone the appointing authority. This led to a serious argument.


"He informed me as well, and I told him I would think about it. After giving it some thought, I decided against it. So, I called some of the elders and asked them to accompany me. I went and informed Nana Agyeman that I am here because of the program he intended to hold the following day. I told him that the right to delegate his authority to his nephew, granting him powers to issue rulings and allocations, lies solely with the Asantehene, so let us consult him and plead that he gives you the go-ahead. In response, he said, 'I am young, and I was not brought up well, but he was brought up well. He has lived for 96 years, and he is not young. What will happen if Otumfuo refuses my request?'

"I questioned him about the consequences if he proceeded and Otumfuo disagreed. He told me, 'my lord (Otumfuo) will tell him why he will not agree.' When he said that, I washed my hands off the issue and any matter related to it," another elder informed the Council.

He added that Nana Agyeman went ahead with the installation despite strong opposition from other kinsmen.

"An elder asked him if it was not Otumfuo who swore him in, and he answered, 'no, he came to meet me. I was the one who brought him, so I do as I wish,'" he stated.

Another elder from Antoa corroborated the testimonies, recalling how the chief proceeded with the installation of his nephew even after a queen mother had invoked a sacred oath (ntamkesie) against the event.

"A fight broke out, so I went outside to separate them. When I returned, I was informed that someone had invoked a sacred oath. I called on my chief to halt the proceedings, but he said he would go ahead and face any consequences," he said.

"It happened exactly as it has been told. We all opposed it. Even his wife was against the idea; she advised against it, but he refused," another elder testified.

After listening to the various testimonies, Otumfuo ordered the destoolment of Nana Agyeman as Antoahene.

"Antoahene, you claim you want to delegate your power because you are tired. Today, you will leave my stool for me... I will delegate emissaries and police officers to escort you. All the necessary rites will be performed for his removal," Otumfuo decreed.

Nana Kwame Owusu Agyeman held the position of Antoahene for more than two decades.

Following Otumfuo's ruling on Monday evening, official rites for the destoolment of Nana Kwame Owusu Agyeman were immediately set into motion in the town of Antoa.

Listen to proceedings at the tribunal below:

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