Crime & Punishment Fri, 12 Sep 2008

Internet hackers attacks MP's email address to destroy him

Accra, Sept. 12, GNA - Nii Amasah Namoale, Member of Parliament for Dadekopon has expressed dismay at how Internet fraudsters managed to hack his personal email password and are using his address to malign his image in Europe and America.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency on Friday, the MP said the internet hackers were using his email address (namoale@hotmail.com) to write all sort of things to his friends in Europe and other countries which he had no knowledge of.

He said: "I feel disappointed and worried because a lot of my mates are outside the country and these thieves (hackers) will end up duping some of them."


Sharing one of the messages sent through his personal email, Nii Namoale said the hackers had been sending emails to his friends telling them how cash trapped he (Namoale) had become, therefore, needed their help.

He said his sister-in-law in the USA had also received such a message and therefore would like the whole world to know that it was not true and that he had discarded his hotmail email address because it was no longer safe.

"I want all friends all over to know that my namoale@hotmail email address is now a stolen one so am no longer using it," he said. The MP said the sister-in-law forwarded the message to him because she suspected there was no way he (Namoale) could send such as a message with bad grammatical construction. One of the unedited forwarded messages read: Hello

Source: GNA