General News Thu, 24 May 2001

Inusah's triple turn rocks NPP

The 1996 campaign manager of President Kufour, who deserted the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during a crucial period in the 2000 elections to flirt with rival National Democratic Congress (NDC), yesterday announced his return to the NPP, amid hostile reactions from some NPP stalwarts and party supporters.

Even before the party could meet to make a decision on whether Alhaji Issaka Inusah should be accepted back into the party or not, the National Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Samule Odoi-Sykes joined hundreds of party supporters in calling him a traitor who should not be tolerated in the party.

Party sympathizers and political analysts who commented on Inusah's comeback bid roundly condemned his action and described him as a traitor, a nation wrecker and a man without scruples.

Other supporters even threatened to vote against the NPP in the next elections if the party hierarchy accepted Inusah back.

"Alhaji Inusah is a traitor… He is a loser… Inusah is a sycophant… He is a man without scruples… Inusah has no sense of shame… Inusah should not be accepted back to the NPP," angry party supporters protested on radio.

Alhaji Inusah announced his return at the International Press Centre in Accra. His announcement was received with mixed feelings among some top members of the NPP, including the National Chairman of the party.


Shortly after Inusah's announcement, Mr. Odoi-Sykes, speaking in his personal capacity said Inusah is a traitor who should not be tolerated by the NPP.

Odoi-Sykes noted that Inusah concocted stories about the NPP to the extent that he (Inusah) claimed that together with him, they rigged elections in the Ablekuma Central constituency in 1996.

The NPP chairman said Inusah is not a person he can sit down with to discuss issues, concerning the party, because he does not trust him. He added that he was of the personal opinion that Inusah should not be considered a prodigal son.

But Madam Hawa Yakubu, Minister of Tourism and MP for Bawku Central, was of a different view. She was of the opinion that Inusah should be pardoned and considered a prodigal son. She added that Inusah should however be made to join the queue.

Until his defection, Alhaji Inusah, Gabby Nketia and President Kufour had a strong bond of friendship and political camaraderie and Inusah's sudden crossing over to the NDC came as a shock to the NPP.

Chronicle gathered that even after his defection, Inusah still kept close contacts with Mr. Gabby Nketia and there are speculations that Inusah's decision might have been influenced by Gabby.


Journalists and political commentators have observed that if Alhaji Inusah is accepted as a member of the NPP it could create divisiveness among supporters and the top hierarchy of the party.

Others were also of the view that his acceptance could create integrity problems for the party.

It could be recalled that Alhaji Issaka Inusah unconditionally left the NPP and fell in love with the then ruling NDC during the prime of last year's elections.

He cited lack of internal democracy within the NPP as one of the reasons why he left the party.

He then became the propaganda tool of the NDC against the NPP and was showcased at every NDC platform where he said very damaging things about the NPP.

When NDC lost the elections, some members of the NDC also cited the presence of Inusah in the party as one of the reasons why they lost the elections.


The fallouts from Inusah's defection to NDC reached a high points when he was chased out of a mosque in the Western Region because he was disgracing Moslems.

Inusah lost credibility and was removed from NDC campaign platform during the presidential run-off.

Some people described Alhaji Inusah as a greedy politician who should not be taken seriously in Ghanaian politics.

At a press briefing yesterday, Inusah told journalists in Accra that after reflecting on the country's current economic crisis and upon the advice of admirers, well wishers and his extended family members, he had decided to retrace his step back to the NPP.

Inusah said that the issue of lack of transparency and internal democracy within the NPP no longer applies and that things have changed dramatically.

He continued that he was going to use the experience gathered in the NDC to win 40 more seats for the NPP during the 2004 elections.

Inusah also noted that he is an independent minded person whose actions are determined by himself and not anybody else.

Alhaji hoped that he would be warmly accepted back into the NPP. He said even if the NDC had won the elections he would still have come back to the NPP because that is where he traces his roots.

Alhaji Inusah did not explain in detail why he was leaving the NDC, saying that he did not want to be engaged in any confrontation with anybody.

He said at the time of his defection, he was confronted with two evils and he chose the lesser evil, which, he said, was the NDC.

The grey-haired politician used the opportunity to thank ex-President Rawlings for his understanding and affection.

Source: Chronicle