Is this whom we call a professor? – Kwamena Duncan slams Kpessa Whyte over 'stupid court' comment

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Thu, 1 Jun 2023 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Former Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan, has condemned the recent controversial remarks made by Professor Kpessa Whyte of the University of Ghana, which led to him being cited for contempt.

Kwamena Duncan expressed his disbelief that a professor of Kpessa Whyte's stature would resort to such disrespectful language towards the Supreme Court of Ghana by referring to the apex court as a "stupid court," questioning whether he truly deserved the title of professor.

Speaking in a panel discussion on Peace FM's Kokrokoo on May 31, 2023, he highlighted the significance of the title of professor, noting that it represents the highest academic distinction attainable and is associated with exceptional intellectual capacity.

He stressed the importance of maintaining high standards and behavior befitting the professorship, particularly within the academic community.

"Someone that he claims to be a professor, he said he is a professor, see, a professor per our understanding is the highest academic title, and it has to do with high brain power, even though we have common sense separate and book knowledge separate... so when we talk about the book knowledge, it has to do with a mind that has received a lot of value addition... we all know that provocations don't take any serious mental efforts, so when a child begins to learn a language, those are the things that they start with... and a whole professor..." he said.

He then expressed his disappointment in Kpessa Whyte's comments, suggesting that he lowered the academic standard and amounted to an insult against the highest court in Ghana.

The former minister went on to assert that if this incident had occurred in another country, the university in which Kpessa Whyte works would have taken a serious look at his conduct.

"...and someone who calls himself a professor can look at the highest court and claim it is a stupid court, if it was elsewhere, the university itself would take a second look at him," he added.

Prof. Michael Kpessa-Whyte on May 30, 2023, appeared before the Supreme Court of Ghana to answer a contempt charge over a tweet deemed disrespectful of the apex court.

Reports from the proceedings before a five-member panel showed that the University of Ghana lecturer pleaded guilty to the charge despite having explained publicly that his reference to a Supreme Court being turned into a Stupid Court was not directed at the Ghana top court.

Eventually, it took the submissions of his legal counsel Dr. Justice Srem-Sai to convince Her Ladyship Mariama Owusu's panel to caution and discharge his client despite having been convicted.

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