It’s normal to get a zero in school - Prof. Elsie Kaufmann

Elsie Kaufmann Study Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, Biochemical engineer

Wed, 13 Jan 2021 Source: etvghana.com

Professor Elsie Effah Kaufmann, Biochemical engineer and Quiz Mistress of the National Science and Math Quiz, has expressed that it is normal to score a zero mark in school however, what matters is how one re-strategizes afterwards.

In an interview with Rev. Erskine on the Y-Leaderboard series which airs on YFM’s Myd-Morning Radio Show, she shared her own story of when for the first time in her life, she scored a zero in Physics class in her first semester as a first year student and how she learnt lessons from that and did not allow it to cause her to doubt her potential.

“We went for Physics class and Professor Plummer, who was our first year, first semester Physics teacher came to class and said: ‘I’m giving you an exam under Diagnostic’. He had not taught anything yet and said this was going to be a common thing; these quizzes are going to be quantized so you’ll get zero, one or two and I think it was truly up to two.”

“I remember I had never had a zero in my life. That was my first zero. I looked at that paper and I asked myself how. After crying and agonizing, I decided to re-strategize so I said ‘Professor Plummer, you will not see my tears ever again’. That meant I had to study ahead, do assignments and go to every class prepared”, the professor shared.

She employed one advice that according to her, is one she always shares with her students, that sometimes, lecturers overwhelm students with assignments not because they do not know what they are doing, but because they are teaching the students to strategize.

“Sometimes, you have so many other assignments so make a strategic decision that you are going to get a zero on this one. It’s fine but plan that you’re going to get a 100 the next time because you know your target," Professor Elsie further advised.

Source: etvghana.com
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