It’s unislamic to force teenage girls into early marriages – Muslim Women leader

Muslim  Child Marriage Donation Hajia Mariama Obeng presenting the items to Madam Anita Essuman

Thu, 5 Sep 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

National Coordinator for Ghana Muslim Mission Women’s Fellowship, Hajia Mariama Obeng has called on Muslim women to abide by the ethics of Islam by inculcating in their female children the teachings of responsible womanhood.

She disclosed in particular that Islam frowns on mothers who allow their children to go wayward stating categorically that the association is not in support of child marriages.

“Islam abhors child marriages. Even if she attains the age of marriage you cannot as a parent force her into it without her consent. Any parent who does that is flouting the teachings of Islam” adding “the child has to give her consent before the marriage can be contracted”

Hajia Mariama Obeng underscored the significance of mothers in training their wards in accordance with the tenets of the religion so that they do not depart when they grow into adulthood in order to become responsible citizens.

“Keep your home well, Keep your children well and obey the teaching of Allah SAW…you live by the tenets of the religion. A Muslim woman cannot say she is on her own and can do whatever she likes”, he revealed.

According to her, there are rules and regulations governing every woman in Islam because it is a religion that holds every woman in high esteem.

“Women in Islam must be different and pious in everything that they do. If you look at the current trend of dressing it is very appalling and in variance with the teachings of Allah. As a Muslim woman you don’t have to expose yourself…you always have to keep yourself intact. You always have to make sure you lower your gaze wherever you are”, she advised.

Source: mynewsgh.com