‘It was exceptionally foolish’ - Pratt on controversies after Mills’ death

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Fri, 24 Jul 2020 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

More intense than any of its kind, the aftermath of former President John Evans Atta Mills’ death was heavily shrouded in unexpected controversies. Most of which bordered on uncovering the unfortunate killer of a sitting president.

Over the past eight years, anytime debates about Prof Mills’ death is started some personalities and self-acclaimed prophets in the name of politics and anointing, point accusing fingers at some persons who used to share warm ties with the late leader of the country.

An individual whose name has frequently popped up in connection to the aforementioned is the late Mills’ successor, John Dramani Mahama, who consequently triggered a police probe into one of his accusers by name Kwame Baffoe (Abronye DC), Bono Regional Chairman.

This was only one of several instances of public name calling which involved John Mahama and some NDC big wigs.

The much-dreaded string of accusations has been described as ‘exceptionally foolish’ by veteran journalist, Kwesi Pratt who shared quite enviable ties with the late president.

While responding to such unwarranted accusations in an exclusive interview with GhanaWeb in line with the eighth anniversary of the late president, Mr Pratt said, “I think that was exceptionally foolish…I heard his brothers Sammy Atta Mills, Cadman Mills say publicly that they were with him. I mean Sammy Atta Mill was somebody who was very close to president Mills, he was almost always with him. Cadman Mills worked in the office of president Mills as well and they came out to say he died of natural causes…”

“…And they claimed that they had the post-mortem report, the head of his family actually held a press conference and said his death can be explained…All of the people who jumped on the bandwagon and made all those noises were doing so to score cheap political points and that’s not acceptable…,” he berated.

Mr Pratt further indicated that none of such accusers have been able to produce any form of evidence to back their claims.

“So far, nobody has managed to provide any shred of evidence that something went wrong leading to his death…that somebody deliberately strangled him or killed him. I think it’s extreme foolishness,” Kwesi Pratt Jnr concluded.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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