General News Fri, 17 Oct 2003

JJ's 20 Year Rule Was Divine Punishment - Evangelist

A LEADING evangelist and prophet has explained that the ex-President Rawlings 20 year rule was a deliberate divine punishment to the nation for its sins.

According to Brother Immanuel Enoch Agbozo, founder and leader, of the Ghana Evangelical Society, Ghana and its people are a country chosen by God, as the Star of the Redeemed peoples of Africa, for his kingdom of glory on earth, but the country's demise began in the mid 60s after a flying start as a leading post colonial state, when former President Nkrumah, began adopting and implementing certain doctrines he labeled Nkrumaism that was not divinely inspired, since then the political and economic state of the nation has deteriorated.

On the whole, he also attributed civil wars, strife, poverty ravaging the continent to the practising of idolatry, blood sacrifices, and libation pouring to gods by political leaders and the society at large, since time immemorial under the labels of tradition and customary rites which were practiced by our ancestors.

According to him, as a result God cursed the land, and the result is what we are experiencing all over the continent, but now through the work of the Ghana Evangelical Society and the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry Ghana is now free.

Speaking at a thanksgiving service, with the theme celebrating the "Faithfulness of God in the Ministry and Life of Bro. I.E.A. Agbozo," organized by the church, to mark the celebration of 30 years of his ministry, and his 70th birthday, Bro. Agbozo, who is credited with having predicted the fall of apartheid, the Soviet Union and the civil wars in Liberia and Sierra Leone, several years earlier, also pointed out that unless the CPP drops its Nkrumaist doctrines it will never come to power.

He stressed that God has a divine purpose for this country, adding, " it is his intent to reconcile, redeem and make Ghana a chosen nation and star of Africa, and it is he who has assigned the mission task to the church."


He emphasized that, without the church, Ghana can never enter and enjoy the fullness of divine glory as a chosen people and therefore the redemption, present and future standing and comity of nations and people in the world would be impossible.

He therefore advised ministers of the gospel to have the attributes of Christ and witness to their congregations, and urged them to have a building and working relationship with Christ.

According to him, a majority of Christians do not take worshipping God seriously, for they only attend church and pray in order to depict themselves to society as Christians.

Worship, he stressed, is not a ritual of singing dancing and clapping of hands, but should rather be an attempt to bring true harmony between God and the individual, because it is not anything that is acceptable to Christ.

Bro. Agbozo said the activities of the Ghana Evangelical Societies mission activities have affected the whole nation and all churches, and both are yet to accept and honour God and bow to the redemption mission and God's kingdom of glory in Ghana.

Source: Chronicle