John Mahama is Ghana's 'Donald Trump' - Kwamena Duncan ridicules

MAHAMA?fit=399%2C399&ssl=1 Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama

Thu, 11 Mar 2021 Source: peacefmonline.com

Kwamena Duncan has declared former President John Mahama the "Donald Trump of Ghana".

According to the former Central Regional Minister, all words and actions of ex-President Mahama before and after the 2020 Presidential elections prove he is an exact photocopy of the US former President.

He made this comment on Wednesday's Peace FM's flagship programme "Kokrokoo".

Kwamena Duncan cited instances where Mr. Mahama told his supporters he was the winner in the Presidential elections and also made incitive comments empowering his supporters to stage series of demonstrations in the country.

“Some roads had become impassable. You could not pass those roads because NDC supporters had been urged onto those roads. Markets suffered arson. People went underground and did all kinds of things. He urged his supporters onto the streets to bring mayhem. Didn’t Donald Trump do that?'', he questioned.

“Donald Trump run down the electoral management body of the United States of America. Did he do that or did he not? Donald Trump run down Judges and the courts,” he added.

He emphasized that “former President Mahama is the Ghanaian version of Donald Trump. When we finished voting, everyone who heard former President Mahama speak heard him saying ‘we will resist the attempt to steal the people’s will’. Did he say that or did he not?"

Another thing he said was ‘I have won the elections’. He held a press conference and indicated to the entire country and the rest of the world that he was the winner in elections. Donald Trump in America, did he not say that he had won the elections? Donald Trump in America, did he not say that indeed, he will not sit for the people’s will to be stolen?”

Source: peacefmonline.com
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