General News Sat, 26 Dec 1998

Join forces to work for nation - Rev Nyarko

Takoradi, Dec. 25 The Reverend Daniel Nyarko of the Trinity Presbyterian Church, Takoradi, today called on Ghanaians to bury their differences and join forces to work for the betterment of the nation. Preaching at a Christmas Service, he said Christmas is a reminder that God is near and is willing to help people and the nation out of their difficulties. Rev Nyarko said Ghanaians should depend on God as their helper to make 1999 peaceful and a period of development. He traced the story of Christmas to the story of creation and said God created man perfect and complete but human sin and weaknesses brought about disasters, sickness and other problems that affect the human story. Rev Nyarko said the result of this has been poverty, hunger, sickness and other problems, adding that God is our helper and is willing to bring us out of these problems. At the Wesley Methodist Church , Sekondi, Reverend Charles A. Ekuban, Superintendent Minister, called on Ghanaians to stop being insensitive and hypocritical to the needs of one another. He said rape, infidelity and incest are assuming alarming proportions and the necessary steps must be taken to halt this bad behaviour. Preaching under the theme "The Ethics of Christmas", Rev. Ekuban said the song of the angels to the shepherds -- "Glory to God in the Highest and on Earth, peace and Goodwill toward Men" --constitutes the ethics of Christmas. Rev. Ekuban said men always project themselves first and busily fight for their rights before they think about God. He said Christmas should unite us and take away tribalistic tendencies which are non-productive. "Many people have become so obsessed with the performance of certain traditional rites to the complete disregard for the worship of God," he said. Rev. Ekuban said if the problems of marital instability, street children , drug abuse and sexual promiscuity can be solved, we need to give God the Glory and demonstrate his love and affection for one another, not rpt not only during Christmas but at all times. At the Takoradi Bethel Methodist Church, Reverend Ebenezer K. Dadson, Superintendent Minister, said Ghanaians should treat one another as brothers and sisters. Preaching under the theme "The Incarnate Deity as saviour of the World", Rev Dadson said Christendom has been celebrating the birth of Christ for nearly two thousand years. He said in spite of "our sins", God sent a son who came to save mankind from the grips of the evil one, adding that the celebration of Christmas has set in motion, pardon , restitution and adoption as children of God. Rev Dadson asked Christians and Ghanaians to trust in the Lord as they enter 1999 to direct and guide them throughout the new year.


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