Jon Benjamin blocks Bridget Otoo on twitter over bribery comment

Bridget Jon Twitter Block11 Bridget Otoo (L) and Jon Benjamin (R)

Thu, 28 Jun 2018 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

What appeared to be a friendly banter between the former British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin and Journalist, Bridget Otoo on twitter turned into a 'social media feud' with the latter getting blocked by the former.

Jon Benjamin on Sunday called Bridget Otoo an ‘Arch England-hater’ whilst commenting on a tweet by the official twitter handle of England on its national team beating Panama in this year’s world cup happening in Russia.

“What a nice Sunday afternoon. Thank you #ENG #ThreeLions. Arch England-hater @Bridget Otoo must have hated that,” Jon Benjamin tweeted.

In a reply, Bridget Otoo expressed her joy over the outcome of the game and added that she would have the last laugh when the World Cup is over.

She tweets, “I actually enjoyed it. The competition begins in the round of 16. You hold on tight, soak in the glory cos I would have the last laugh.”

Bridget’s response made the diplomat jabbed back in his usual tweet full of ‘humour’ by teasing Ghana for its inability to qualify to the World Cup in Russia and the uncovering of corruption within the Ghana Football Association (GFA) where some officials in the football body and it President Kwesi Nyantakyi were captured on tape receiving bribes from Ace Investigative Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his team.

“How can you have the last laugh when your team isn't even at the World Cup and your national football association is disgracefully being dissolved for gross corruption?” the diplomat tweet reads.

Bridget Otoo then ‘punched’ back, indicating that it was not only Ghana that had issues of corruption within its football fraternity but former England Manager Sam Allardyce was forced to resign because of corruption.

She said, “Yes, Ghana is going through a phase, Just like English football, it is rife with corrupt practices. Wasn’t Sam Allardyce the former England manager forced to resign because of bribery and corruption?”

This response from Bridget Otoo seems to have infuriated Jon Benjamin as she later posted a screenshot indicating she has been blocked by the diplomat.

Wondering how her tweet, meant to point out facts to Mr Benjamin would make him block her on twitter, Bridget tweets again, “I didn’t know this was what it had to take to get blocked by Jon Benjamin. I would have done it three years ago. I pointed out facts to him. Apparently, I didn’t have that right...”

Source: www.ghanaweb.com