Press Releases Wed, 28 May 2008

Journalists Assaulted By Security Guards, Allegedly At MP's Prompting

On 25 May 2008, Joe Okyere, a regional correspondent of the state-owned "Daily Graphic" newspaper, and Philip Baidoo, a reporter of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), were physically assaulted by security guards, allegedly on the orders of Isaac Edumadze, Member of Parliament for Ajumako-Eyan-Essiam Constituency of the Central Region of Ghana.

The incident occurred at Edumadze's residence, where Okyere and Baidoo had gone to interview the MP.

MFWA's correspondent reported that, upon recognising Okyere as a journalist from the "Daily Graphic", Edumadze accused the journalist of writing "false stories" about him.

Edumadze further said that Okyere had contributed to his defeat in his party's primaries earlier that day. The angry MP then rushed in Okyere's direction, but was held back by Baidoo. Okyere attempted to escape, but was apprehended by Edumadze's security guards and held in the compound for an hour.


Baidoo told Peace FM, an Accra-based local-language station, that Okyere was seriously mistreated by the guards. Baidoo said he was also attacked, allegedly for bringing Okyere to the MP's house.

In an article in the "Daily Graphic" on 27 May, Okyere claimed that the MP himself also physically assaulted him, leaving him with swellings on his body.

Meanwhile, Edumadze has denied any wrongdoing, including assaulting the journalist. He told Peace FM that his men arrested Okyere for intruding and sent him to the police station.

The case is currently being investigated by police.

Source: Media Foundation for West Africa