General News Sat, 12 Nov 2016

Judges' strike action unfortunate - Lecturer

It is unfortunate that issues relating to the salaries of lower court judges have not been addressed, resulting in an intended industrial action, Dr Jemima Nunoo, a lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Centre for Management Development, has said.

Members of the lower bench have threatened to embark on an industrial action on the 21st of November over government’s failure to address issues with their salaries.

According to the judges, the 10 per cent increment in salaries they demanded from government had fallen on deaf ears, whereas the demands of the justices of the superior courts had been attended to.

They were unhappy because their efforts to get the Attorney General and the Minister of Finance to address their issue had been futile.

Speaking in relation to the matter on Multi TV’s Newsfile programme on Saturday November 12, Dr Nunoo said: “It is more than unfortunate, it is a shame, we should all feel ashamed that such sensitive and key members of our public service have to come out in this way… What is the impediment? What really is it…?”

She added: “I am thinking for the country as a whole, it makes us unproductive, critical sectors are not working. How does that affect us? I don’t know how much we have quantified these things. Now the state attorneys are on strike and so state business in that regard is completely grounded to a halt and it affects everybody.

“… I think really and truly out of respect for the profession, out of respect for the service that they provide for this country, we need to look at why is it that [their salary issues are not being addressed]?”

Source: classfmonline.com