General News Sat, 3 Jun 2006

June 4, indelible revolt against injustice-- Professor

Accra, June 03, GNA- Professor Freeman Koblah Atakpa, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast said all Ghanaians must embrace the June 4 1979 uprising as an indelible revolt against social injustice in the country's political history.

He said the current socio-political environment in the country should be guarded with care and never allowed to relapse to a level that could warrant such a revolt again.

Professor Atakpa spoke on the sub-topic: 'The June 4 Uprising: Ghana's Perpetual Flame for Social Justice'.

The theme for the anniversary lectures was: 'Social Justice: Bedrock of a Vibrant Democracy.'

He said the uprising was a "rebellion" against a dehumanising socio-political situation, which came as a long awaited voice of the voiceless majority who had been suppressed and deprived of a meaningful life for far too long.


Prof. Atakpa said there were people who had stigmatised the uprising and wished it never happened because they had benefited from the social injustice of the time.

"Till today, they are all out to erase the spirit of the uprising from the minds of Ghanaians" he said.

He said the attitude of positive defiance, the preparedness to sacrifice one's life in defence of social justice, as well as a resolve not to succumb to corruption and greed in life, needed to be a clarion call for all.

Prof. Atakpa said the younger generation of Ghanaians, who formed about 60 per cent of the population, also needed to be educated on the fundamental need for social justice based on probity, accountability and transparency.

"Many of them, who are potential voters, did not have the experience which led to the revolt", he noted.


Prof. Atakpa said it was necessary to choose future leaders who understood and were committed to the course of social justice since it was an indispensable foundation for the success of any government. "Such leaders must be selfless, and courageous. They must not be people who take up positions for personal gains."

He said Ghana was endowed with plenty of natural resources, which could be purposefully turned around in a situation of fair play, equity and justice, to ensure that Ghanaians led meaningful lives.

Mr. Mahama Ayariga, Member of Parliament for Bawku Central said the values and ideals of the "June 4" Uprising which took place in 1979 was still relevant today.

He said people have to be courageous in order to stand up against corruption and the social injustices in the system.

The lecture from the young lawyer received spontaneous applause from the Cadres and sympathizers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC). He said the June 4 Uprising represents the courage to stand up against social injustice.


He accused the New Patriotic Party government (NPP) of using subtle methods, which is the media to harass its political opponents. "Right now the NPP is no longer using the guns and bullet to harass political opponents but the pen," he added.

He debunked NPP allegations that under the NDC government the country's economy and infrastructure were in.

He cited numerous road projects, hospitals, extension of water and electricity to the rural areas as some of the solid foundation laid by the previous government to support his argument.

He urged the rank and file of the NDC to arm themselves with some of this information to counter the vile propaganda and lies being spewed by the opponents in the media.

Dr. Tony Aidoo, a leading Member of the NDC accused the NPP as being a fascist government and lacks regional and tribal balance in the appointment of ministers and other public officials. He also slammed former appointees in the NDC government for being the cause of fragments in the party since those who held juicy positions at the time were no longer taking active interest in the party's activities.

He said the former appointees should be made to feel the heat and resume their roles in the NDC to propel it to victory in 2008. 03 June 06

Source: GNA