General News Sat, 7 Dec 2013

KT Hammond’s vituperative unpardonable – Kweku Baako

Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako has described the former Deputy Energy Minister, Kwabena Tahir Hammond expletive choice of words at the Parliament house last Wednesday as “un-parliamentary” and “unpardonable”.

According to Mr. Baako, notwithstanding his camaraderie with Hon. KT Hammond, he cannot defend the latter’s use of vituperative language at any given time.

“Of course it is clear that Mr. K.T Hammond choice of words is quite serious. He is somebody I like and he is a friend but I think in this case, it’s difficult to defend his choice of words,” he said.

K.T Hammond allowed his emotions to get the better part of him when he threw caution to the wind and launched a blistering verbal attack on the Majority Leader in Parliament; Benjamin Kunbuor in the House, for making an anti-corruption statement that clearly did not sit down well with him (Hammond).

Dr Kunbour had sought to champion an anti-corruption crusade by politicians and made references to the Woyome and oil drillship saga.

But the attempt by the Majority Leader to link the Woyome controversy to the drill ship sale in 2001, of which the Judgment Debt Sole Commission is still trying to find the whereabouts of US$3.5 million of the US$24 million proceeds, did not go well with the NPP MP, who, feeling disrespected, thundered in a barely disguised angry tone.

“Mr. Speaker this is the most disgraceful statement that has ever been made by anybody in this house (Parliament). It is insulting. It is foolish and should never be allowed in this house Mr. Speaker, it is stupid, useless and a foolish statement. It is totally nonsense,” he fumed.

Speaking on Metro TV, Kweku Baako opined that “KT Hammond words are absolutely un-parliamentary and unpardonable. He should try as much as possible to control his emotions, all of us have been emotional before but when growing up, you organize yourself. He shouldn’t get provoked.”

Source: peacefmonline.com