General News Sun, 9 Apr 2017

Kan Dapaah makes us feel "used and dumped" - Concerned Zongo Youth

Over ten thousand youth, particularly from the Zongo communities have declared their intension to stage a nationwide protest against the continuous stay in office of the Minister for National Security Mr. Kan Dapaah, if he refuses to resign or get sacked by the President within fourteen days.

The protest which is to be led by a group called Concerned Zongo Youth of Ghana will be carried out in all the ten regional capitals of the country.

They maintain Mr. Dapaah's posture to the handling of the Delta Force issue clearly tells of one thing: "that we have been used and dumped by the party."

According to the angry and disappointed youth, if strong and vibrant groups like the Delta Forces and others who put their lives on the line just to see the victory of the NPP could be thrown away like rags, then the likes of kayayes, artisans, drivers and their efforts remain a trash to Kan Dapaah and his likes.

The Concerned Zongo Youth said left to the party and Kan Dapaah alone, the NDC would have held on to power, however, as a result of roles that the Delta Force played, most of whom are from the various Zongos, the NDC could not roll out and execute their diabolic schemes.

"Again where was Kan Dapaah when the Delta Force were fighting the hoodlums and thugs of the then NDC government...where was he (Kan) when these boys were used in all operations of the party in the region? They lamented.

According to the youth, it was the Delta Force who throughout last year, provided security for all party wings especially, the head potters against the invasion of the NDC “and in all this Kan Dapaah was nowhere to be found."

"When the NDC burnt the slums of head potters, which displaced over a thousand of them, it was the Delta force and other party private security that came to our rescue whereas Kan Dapaah was asleep," they poured out their frustration.

They dared the minister to resign or face their wrath since to them; he is creating an unprecedented disaffection for the party.

Concerned Zongo Youth of Ghana described him as a person not fit to handle such sensitive national position as minister, adding “one person who has disappointed us and many others is Kan Dapaah. He is not just fit for this job and should step aside."

In their view, Mr. Kan Dapaah has clearly exposed his ignorance of security matters as well as his lack of skills in resolving conflicts in the country.

Source: peacefmonline.com