Keep voting for self-serving MPs while your children suffer – Leila Djansi jabs Ghanaians

Leila Djansi Leila Djansi

Sun, 18 Aug 2019 Source: mynewsgh.com

Movie Producer, Leila Djansi says it’s sad that Ghanaians regardless of what politicians have taken them through continue to vote to bring them to power.

She made this comment while sharing a sad story about a school which does not have desks and that pupils of the school sit on the floor during classes hours.

Her post read “The community has an MP who drives a “V8” and takes a large monthly salary. But nooo… continue voting self-serving and manipulative people into power. Yes!! Ghana”.

She added “We will continue raising mobile money to buy desks and chemo for kids whiles the politicians take their chances in air-conditioned V8s, earn big money from decorating buses, build cathedrals and chambers. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”.

Source: mynewsgh.com