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Kennedy Agyepong Goes 'Bananas'

If NPP is Nacotics Peddlers Party, Then...
... Jerry Rawlings Is A Wee Smoker
... NDC Leaders Snorted Drugs At Castle

Rambo is in town and he is not sparing any punches. He has gone totally berserk and he is so strong and so virulent that he intends to beat up any that dares to confront him. The Member of Parliament for Assin North, Hon. Kennedy Ohene Adjapong has hit the trail again in a horrifying display of intemperance and public misbehavior that can lead this country down a dangerous spiral of action and retribution.

Over the past two days, the MP has been saying at various fora that the former President Rawlings is a drug addict who smoked wee at the Castle, Osu. He also said that it was solders who brought drugs to Ghana during the reign of the PNDC/NDC. Again he says that NDC leaders snorted drugs at the Castle, Osu, and culminated it with threats to beat the living daylights out of NDC’s General Secretary, Hon. Johnson Asiedu-Nketsia.

As Kwame Sefa-Kayi of PeaceFM an the media in Ghana generally, they have been assisting Rojo Mettle-Nunoo to insult President Kufuor on one hand, while scheming to exonerate ACP Kofi Boakye on the other hand.Even for the normally virulent Ken Adjapong, these achievements and pronouncement represent a significant new low as he made all kinds of wild allegations on radio stations.

The troubles started on a local radio station on Wednesday 16th August, 2006 when Ken Adjapong told the astonished host that he is not surprised about the current brouhaha on drugs in this country. This is because it was under the NDC/PNDC governments especially under the PNDC that the soldiers who went to Lebanon on peacekeeping missions brought huge amount of drugs into Ghana. For justification, he said that he saw them at various discos, having a good time.

Asked what drugs the solders brought in, he said it was cocaine. “It was floating all over the country, but because it was a military government that time nobody said anything!”, he said. Hon. Adjapong, who was fuming, said that he had expected all Ghanaians not to discuss the current cocaine issue in a political manner because Ghana has turned into a transit point, but unfortunately NDC have taken the position that it is an NPP problem. “That would stop the truth from coming out,” he said.

Moments later he was saying, “for Ama Benyiwa Doe to sit on PeaceFM to describe NPP as Narcotics Peddlers Party, what about her President who smokes wee?” Over remonstrations by the host over the damning allegation, Hon Adjapong bulldozed forward, “Why beg me? We have facts in this country. Yes, her President smokes wee! From your time at the Castle, he smokes wee! It is when they are high that they come to say all these useless things! It is not one of them, but all of them, following their Head of State they smoke wee! What do you have to say about that? Let’s speak the truth in the country! If you say NPP is a Narcotic Peddlers Party, w would say that right from Castle you have smoked wee and cocaine to date!” Adjapong screamed.

Still ranting, he accused the leadership of the NDC of being cocaine leaders before the NPP came to power. He was candid enough to admit that the current problems with drugs were horrendous for the country, but just as quickly graduated to maligning the NDC, saying that a son of the late Justice Anan was arrested abroad and jailed for drug trafficking. But if the MP was violent on that local radio station, he was to carry it on to extremes on another local station on Thursday, August 17. With unmatched venom, he descended on Rojo Mettle Nunoo, the former Communications Manager of Professor Evans Atta Mills, describing him as a stupid person indeed whose face is like a corpse or an animal!.

A stupid man like that, referring to Kufuor as stupid, uneducated, unintelligent, ignorant, irresponsible, even him we do not take to court, his face is like an ox, and he’s an idiot. I want to face him in court!” he ranted.

Cautioned about the insults, Ken Adjapong went off like a runaway train, insisting that Mettle-Nunoo was a total fool! He claimed that there were leaders in the NDC who are dealers in drugs, including a former Women’s Organiser of the NDC. Pinned to the wall, he refused to provide a name. He then claimed that a renowned lawyer who, during the reign of the NDC was given a number of contracts by the World Bank, was arrested with cocaine at New York.

Going forward, he brought up the name of George Benneh, the disgraced former diplomat who was arrested in Switzerland for drug use, then descended once again on Rawlings. “Rawlings smokes wee! Kweku Baako says he used to smoke with him. If he likes he should challenge him! That’s why Asiedu-Nketsia who did not smoke some has the courage to come and sit here to talk! For those who used to smoke wee to come and talk nonsense in this country, they cannot even come forward!” he screamed.

He then turned his ‘virulent’ gaze on the media, accusing Mr. Sefa-Kayi and the media of collaborating to assist Rojo Mettle Nunoo to insult President Kufuor and allegedly defending the embattled director-General of the Ghana Police Service, ACP Kofi Boakye.

“All you media people, you should be ashamed of yourself! he said but the highlight of the day was to come when he turned on his co-panellist, Mr. Johnson Asiedu-Nketsia of the NDC describing him as an idiot. Said Ken Adjapong, “If you fool I’ll slap you! You came to borrow $200.00 from me, ‘Kwasea kwa’ you owe me $200.00! You are a fool, look at your clothes, you wear second hand clothes!” he screamed at Asiedu-Nketsia. At this point, the host wisely cut off the sound.

Source: Searchlight

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