Koku Anyidoho clears all misconceptions between him and John Mahama

Mahama   Anyidoho John Dramani Mahama and Samuel Koku Anyidoho

Fri, 11 Sep 2020 Source: peacefmonline.com

Chief Executive Officer of the Atta Mills Institute, Samuel Koku Anyidoho has described as delusional the belief by many Ghanaians that he stopped then Vice President John Dramani Mahama from going to the office of the late President John Evans Atta Mills.

According to the former Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, he could not have stopped the Vice President from seeing President Atta Mills because there was a dedicated corridor between the Vice President and the President at the Castle which allows only the Vice to use.

Speaking on Okay FM’s 'Ade Akye Abia' Morning Show, Koku Anyidoho said that he never walked on that dedicated corridor before he left the Castle, making it impossible to stop the Vice President from seeing the late President Atta Mills.

“The truth of the matter is that there was a dedicated corridor between the Vice President and the President. I never walked on that dedicated corridor before I left the Castle because it was a dedicated corridor for only the Vice President and the President,” he said.

According to him his office as Presidential Aide was downstairs, thus, he had to climb upstairs and go through protocols before he sees the President.

“My office is downstairs and if I will go and see the President, I would have to climb the stairs and go through protocol before I see the President; I can’t just get up to see the President in his office. The level of discipline at the Presidency, it is not easy”.

“So, who am I that the Vice President is going to see the President and I will prevent him from going. I only go to President Mills’ bedroom after work if I happen to be in his residency, I can go to his bedroom to have chit chat with him like father and son; that is true but in the office, there were structures. In the office, I was only a Presidential Aide; you have the Chief of Staff, Secretary to the President, Director of State Protocols, of course you have the Vice President, Presidential Advisors, and me, I was only a messenger,” he explained.

He maintained that he like any other Presidential Staffer followed the laid down protocols; indicating that it got to a point that they were not allowed to take their phones to the President's office.

“There are a number of times that I would be with the President and if the Vice President comes there, I would be asked to go out and I would only come back after they are done; that was the level of discipline and so how could I have possibly blocked the Vice President,” he added.

He added that even though he had a close relationship with the late President Atta Mills as his close Aide, Speech Writer, Spokesperson and a Confidant, he did not keep the President’s diary; thus, the President’s diary was kept by the Secretary to the President and the Director of State Protocol as he only inputs into the diary, indicating that they had structures at the Presidency.

To him, it is an opportune time for him to start changing the narrative as people are now getting to know the truth even though the lies have gone far and wide.

“I will correct the wrong impression because I need to do it for the sake of my children and my next generations. The lies are too many but before my book, it has come out through another book that there are babies with very sharp teeth who were recruited, trained and hired to insult and lie against people including the founder of the party. They must be ashamed of themselves by now,” he fumed.

Source: peacefmonline.com