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Koku Anyidoho launches scathing attack on Flagstaff House Communications Directorate

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Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress, Koku Anyidoho has lashed out at personalities serving as the ‘mouthpiece’ of President Akufo-Addo at the Flagstaff House, describing them as incompetent and ineffective.

Speaking on ’21 Minutes with KKB’, Mr. Anyidoho cited various instances which for him undoubtedly have proven the huge dent in the communications unit of the current NPP administration, a thing he says was inexistent during his tenure as Communications Director under the Atta-Mills administration.

Eugene Arhin, Director of Communications at the Flagstaff House he says is pitiful in his ‘rathole’ where he has little control over what he does and has been left only with the option of ‘following orders’ and ‘doing the bidding’ of his bosses. Mr. Arhin’s little ‘goofs’ including errors in releases etc. were not left out of points Koku dwelt on to slam the ‘young man’.

“I feel sorry for the young man. It’s a tough terrain, it’s a tough job, its not easy. In the case of Eugene, he doesn’t even speak on-air, sparingly I mean. But for those of us who used to do it on a daily basis you had to watch every word that came out of your mouth”.


“I feel sorry for him because he is in a rathole. First of all he doesn’t have the clouds, he doesn’t have. I don’t believe he does anything. He’s just a front for his boss Gabby Otchere Darko and co, he’s a tool, they are just using him and then he keeps putting out releases, grammatical errors and all kinds of things. Every release that comes out has to go back and be represented. He is learning, I hope he learns fast. The President has chosen to take him as his Director of Communications and like I’m saying, he hasn’t impressed me”, he maintained.

Mustapha Hamid had his fair share of the lashing when Mr. Anyidoho shifted focus to his ‘abysmal’ performance in his capacity as Communications Minister. The NDC firebrand made mockery of Mr. Hamid’s efforts at doing ‘damage control’ in situations where the Presidency was under ‘heat’. He zoomed in on the recent brouhaha surrounding the eviction of some squatters and residents living around President Akufo-Addo’s Nima residence, describing Mr. Hamid’s efforts at salvaging the situation as ‘ridiculous’.

“As for the Information Minister, he is even worse. Mustapha Hamid. Either he is deliberately misconducting himself to make the President and the government look bad, or he just doesn’t know what he is about. The kinds of things he comes out with especially for example with this recent eviction of the people within his area. He is sacking them now and then Mustapha Hamid comes out to say that it is the people themselves who went to see the President and said that “President we beg you, sack us”. It is ridiculous I mean, Mustapha Hamid, then he says the President is paying from his own pocket so the president gives money to the National Security to go and disburse. Where is the President getting the money from?”.


Koku Anyidoho, though agreed with Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng’s submission that similar mishaps occurred under the Mahama-led administration as far as communication is concerned, he was quick to add that he cannot comment on that since he was not Director of Communications at the time.

I agree, but I wasn’t Director of Communications at the time so I can’t speak to that issue, I’m talking about my time.

“I cannot conjecture”, was his response to the question of what he supposed caused those inaccuracies under the Mahama regime.


NPP government total failure

Meanwhile, Mr. Anyidoho has expressed complete disappointment at the performance of the ruling NPP administration. In what he terms a ‘total failure’, Mr. Anyidoho criticised government for failing the populace as the economy remains in its woeful state and the

“Total failure, Total complete failure”, a passionate Anyidoho said when asked to rate the current government’

“What is working in this country?” he continued, no jobs……..

“There’s no Dumsor at least”, Host KKB quickly chipped in, a submission that seems to have struck a nerve.

“Go and ask Agyarko, the Energy Minister whether he has invested one pesewa in the energy sector. These are all things that John Mahama’s government put in place. This Ameri things that they are making noise about, the Atuabo gas, who put it in place?. So we invested substantially in the energy sector before leaving. We invested heavily so we are benefitting from the investments Mahama and Atta Mills put in place”, was Mr. Anyidoho’s response.

“What have they done? Free SHS, parents are paying quietly…. providing water, providing food, textbooks, the level of corruption in this country so investors are not coming”, he further retorted.

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