Koku Anyidoho regains foul voice

Koku Anyidoho Poowe Koku Anyidoho is Deputy General Secretary of the NDC

Fri, 6 Jul 2018 Source: dailyguideafrica.com

The Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has come out of the self-imposed hibernation he went into after his momentous but brief incarceration in the Bureau Of National Investigations (BNI) dungeon.

There was a noticeable absence of his trademark vitriolic voice in the media when the silence lasted and many who found him nauseating and irritating anytime he spewed something could not but heave a sigh of relief. The humbling effect of his time at the BNI dungeon translated into his newfound albeit brief good conduct. That is not to last long since after all, the fear of a return which shaped his silence has faded all too soon.

His incarceration was informed by his latest crude public utterances on the political space in the country which unlike the previous ones were treasonous. Threatening a coup, even if hot air, should not be entertained under any circumstance: not when the source of the threat is a man from a party with an infamous tradition of coup hatching.

Koku, it would seem, has received a certain level of assurance that the case has been dropped so we think, otherwise he would not make such a hasty comeback the way he has a couple of days ago. Not when he has a treason case around his neck.

Koku is only reacting to the dismissal of Charlotte Osei and her two deputies as he serves notice about flooding President Akufo-Addo’s office with petitions.

If a petition saw the President direct same to the Chief Justice as he did in the case of Charlotte, by his logic, he should react immediately to the streams of similar protest correspondences to his office when he starts receiving them on different subjects.

A couple of questions need posing regarding the subject under review. Did the President act in accordance with the Constitution when the petition was handed over to him? Did the Chief Justice act in accordance with the relevant segment of the constitution when she set up a panel to interrogate the issues raised against Charlotte? Could the President have ignored the ‘shall’ element in the recommendation of the judicial committee which probed Charlotte and her two deputies? These are not rhetoric questions. Their answers are glaring and they expose the hypocrisy of Koku Anyidoho who has just joined the useless campaign against the ouster of Charlotte and her two deputies.

Let him clear himself of the treason charge around his neck before jumping into the Charlotte Osei debacle.

We have a problem with law enforcement in this country. When politicians misconduct themselves they hardly make it to the courts because their colleagues are able to interfere with the processes – the outcome of which is the cases getting cold.

We as Ghanaians want to know what has become of the Koku Anyidoho verses the Republic case because dropping it would not inure to the national interest.

As we build the country from the ruinous state in which the NDC left it, exceptions to the law among other infractions, must be avoided by all means. If the case has been dropped even as he is on bail, we deserve to know the facts now that he has regained his foul voice.

Source: dailyguideafrica.com
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