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Krufie, the scary festival celebrated by the people of Bredi

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Festivals form a major part of the culture of various tribes in Ghana. These festivals are held in high esteem by both indigenes and visitors.

From Homowo to Hogbestosto to Damba to Gbiza to Odwira to Aboakyire and many others, various rituals are undertaken by various tribes in the country to mark these festivals.

Some rituals performed during some of these festivals are considered scary by people who visit the communities to witness them.

The Krufie yam festival is one such festival considered to be scary.

This festival is celebrated by the people of Bredi, a community near Nkoranza in the Bono East region.

It begins with the eating of the new yam which is prepared by specially selected people. This is the first time the new yam is eaten in the year.

On the second day of the festival, animals such as, cows, goats, dogs and hens are sacrificed to the gods.

The animals, according to a chief of the community, “represent Ghana, Bredi, Nkoranza, Asanteman and all leaders in the country.”

The heads of the animals are hanged on a tree at the same place they were killed.

Among the rituals done during the festival are the beating of drums which occurs on the second day. According to the tradition, the drummer will lose his life within a year if he makes a mistake when playing the drum.

But once the drummer completes his task successfully, there is massive jubilation.

On the same day, charcoal is pounded and mixed with water and a secret ingredient.

The people of Bredi then cover themselves with the mixture after which the fetish priest of the land is carried on someone’s shoulder while holding an egg.

The egg which represents the land and its people has to be carried safely to the final destination.

He is taken to a place where the god of the land was taken to earlier in the day.

Various rituals take place there to find out if the new year will be a good one or a bad one.

On the third day, which is a Saturday, a durbar is held in the community during which fetish priests and priestesses invited for the occasion display various dance steps and incantations.

Some of them do a lot of strange things including biting off the heads of live fowl, among others.

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