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Kwame A-Plus reacts to documents of 'gross' spending of agencies

Musician and New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizer, Kwame A-Plus, has shared some official documents of how some agencies in the country spent a lot of money on food and drinks and auditing services.

In reacting to the already viral document, A-Plus took to his official Facebook page to 'have his say ' on the documents requesting for funds to be released to cater for the services that have been provided.

One of his posts read, "In Ghana when you tell people in power that their cup is dirty, instead of washing their dirty cup they go about looking for your dirty spoon. I asked how come we spent over 33 million cedis of poor pensioner's money on auditing when we have an audit service, a government agency mandated by law to audit even the bank of Ghana?

Then you start by calling me ignorant in your release but admit in the same release that it was a mistake. If it was a mistake can't you simply state that it was a mistake, apologize and correct it? And what are you telling us?

That the figure was uploaded to your website by SNNIT? PPA does not have an IT department that verifies figures before uploading it on your website?..."

In yet another post of gross spending, A-Plus revealed how an amount of GHC 135,125.00 was used to organize a Christmas party on December 22, 2017. The said amount was cost covering food, drinks and music provided during the party.


"Apart from conflict of interest which is a serious offence let me ask this. How many people ate 135,125.00 Ghana cedis worth of food? Herrrrh they can eat oooo hahahahahaha. And wait, wait, wait.

The second invoice..., how many people ate over 10,000.00 Ghana cedis food at one meeting? Come for your medals. You people can eat for Africa. Waaaawolo. Pick pockets have taken the public purse from Nana Addo's pocket," excerpts of his post read.

There was yet another official document of a bill of over GHC 10,000 fro food served to eight people during management meetings at the Luxe Suites Hotel.

It is yet to be ascertained the number of days it took to finish the said meetings.


"Charley me I still don't understand how 8 people spent 10,652,00 on food during a meeting. Ah, how? It means each person's food (just one meal) cost 1,335.00 Ghana cedis. Really?

If you own Ghana as your private company will you spend this amount on a meal for just one meeting? If we complained during the campaign that NDC spent 20 dollars on Kenkey in Brazil, how then can we support this? 20 dollars is just 100 Ghana. This is 1.335.00 per person per meal. Did they chew golden sausages or the elephant itself came to the meeting?," A-Plus wrote.

Kwame A-Plus is noted for his staunch stance against corruption in government and has taken pains to expose deals which according to him, were not in the interest of the state.

Many Ghanaians who saw the post, took to the comment section to express their myriad opinion over the issue.

Source: yen.com.gh