General News Wed, 22 Jan 2003

Kwesi Pratt Sues Chief Justice

The Chief Justice, Justice E. K. Wiredu has been dragged to the High Court in a suit filed by Deleric Law Consult on behalf of Mr. Kwesi Pratt Jnr. for issuing illegal, wrongful and arbitrary instructions meant to impede a libel suit.

The suit claims that instructions allegedly issued by the Chief Justice in respect of a libel case entitled KWESI PRATT JNR VERSUS EDSON OBSERT LARTEY AND MESSRS DANLART PUBLICATIONS, has no foundation in law.

The case is in connection with a libel case brought by Pratt against the Vanguard newspaper after it alleged that Pratt had held secret talks with officials of the National Democratic Congress in Geneva, Switzerland.

In his statement of claim, Pratt through his lawyers, Delric Law Consult say the Chief Justice?s order that he must pay 100,000 cedis which is 1% of the minimum claim of 10,000,000 cedis exclusive to the high court is without any legal basis.

Pratt says the order from the Chief Justice routed through the Chief Court Registrar stated that proceedings on the libel case against the Vanguard would not be heard until he has paid the 100,000 cedis.

According to Pratt who is also the editor of the Insight newspaper and a leading member of the Convention People?s Party, his request through his lawyers for the ''legal or any other justifiable basis'' for the Chief Justice? demand have not been met and yet the Chief Justice has not withdrawn his ''unlawful, wrongful and arbitrary demand''.

Pratt contends that the Chief Justice? action is therefore meant to impede his libel action against the Vanguard newspaper and therefore deny him his right to justice under the laws of Ghana.