General News Sat, 15 Dec 2018

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This week's edition of Newsfile on Joynews features all prominent stories that came under the spotlight in the course of the week.

In defence of medical supply drones, two doctors claim 500 lives will be lost daily without the novelty that cost 12million dollars over the next four years.

Pharmacy research group claims it’s an urgent need in Ghana than it is in Rwanda which has 1:1000 as against 1:15000 pharmacist to patient ratio.

So why is the GMA insisting it is not fit for policy as lab scientists claim it is no priority at all?

Well, the NPP needed only a scant majority in parliament to approve it, and by the terms of the deal, the contract kicked into effect the very minute the approval was given.

Now what?

John Mahama can win elections and serve another two terms as President?

That’s the new political legal debate ooo.

Galamsey is over form Monday?

Like ‘mysterious’ Aisha Huang is jailed for life not to return with her team with their huge dangerous Chinese mining machines and chemicals to destroy our environment and endanger lives

All these and more on today’s edition of Newsfile.

Watch the program below

Source: www.ghanaweb.com