General News Tue, 8 Mar 2016

Lavender Hill will go this year - Vanderpuije

Lavender Hill, the infamous smelly coastal area along the shores of Ghana where faecal sludge is dumped (in its raw state) into the sea will no more exist by the end of this year.

That is the promise made to Ghanaians by Accra Mayor Alfred Vanderpuije.

The Metropolitan Chief Executive of the national capital told Class91.3fm’s Executive Breakfast Show host Ekow Mensah-Shalders on Tuesday March 8 that: “…The odour that has been prevailing at Lavender Hill has been there for over a hundred years…But Lavender Hill has to go and Lavender Hill, I’m telling you, this year, will go.”


“…The President wants Lavender Hill gone and I’m telling you Lavender Hill will be gone this year. It will be a thing of the past,” Mr Vanderpuije repeated.

“If we talk about Better Ghana Agenda under this administration, Lavender Hill going is a Better Ghana agendum. It will go; it’s not good for Accra to be still sitting around Lavender Hill, it is not good for West Africa, it is not good for the world because…Lavender Hill pollutes all the way to Charleston and Meadow Beach [in the US]. …That is our contribution to the world in a negative way that must stop. So, with that and many other reasons, Lavender Hill will go,” Mr Vaderpuije explained.

According to him, the Government of Denmark has extended a credit facility to Ghana to add eight more digesters to the four existing ones, which process faecal sludge at Lavender Hill, as part of processes towards ridding the area of the proverbial stench and discomfort. He said the raw faecal sludge will be processed by the digesters so that “what goes into the ocean will be clean and clear water”.

Source: classfmonline.com