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Learn English: How to pronounce 'Lettuce' correctly

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Mon, 27 Jul 2020 Source: Lerny Lomotey, Contributor

Welcome to class!

Your instructor is Lerny Lomotey, a degree holder in Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana, where she studied English, Psychology and Theatre Arts and took Voice & Speech and Effective Communication courses with Ms. Roberta Gardner as her lecturer.

She is a multitalented creative.

As a media personality, she is passionate about the correct pronunciation of words with her focus on diction, inflection and enunciation when she speaks. The eloquent Lomotey noticed that certain words are constantly mispronounced or pronounced the “Ghanaian way”.

This realization inspired the need to produce educational videos to correct said mistakes with her Word of Week (WOW) series on her instagram page and YouTube channel. For every Word of Week episode she will let you know one word you’re saying WRONG and how to pronounce this English word CORRECTLY.

The videos released on Mondays has seen her teach how to correctly pronounce quarantine, salmon, gesture among other words.

In this episode of Word Of Week, Lomotey is teaching you to identify and pronounce LETTUCE correctly.

Do you know the correct pronunciation of this word? Click on the video below to confirm whether you pronounced it correctly. If you did not, learn how to pronounce it correctly.

Source: Lerny Lomotey, Contributor