Let him suffer before you shoot him - Bodyguard recalls Rawlings’ order on Major Asare

Sat, 13 Oct 2018 Source: My News GH

More details are spilling in regards to the atrocities committed by former President Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings who is being accused of using indemnity clauses to shield himself from showing Ghanaians the locations of mass graves where he ordered the bodies of slain soldiers and civilians to be dumped.

MyNewsGH.com yesterday reported on how Mathew Adabuga, a former bodyguard of Rawlings revealed the site of some mass graves to bury some bodies murdered during the “revolution”.

The Ex-Corporal in the Ghana Armed Forces and a bodyguard of former President Jerry John Rawlings has said Rawlings cannot absolve himself of culpability in the murder of three judges and a military officer in 1982.

According to him, Jerry Rawlings gave the order for numerous murders for both soldiers and civilians who were buried in mass graves at Achimota Forest and Airport runway. He also revealed that Rawlings created other mass graves at another place near the airport called Gadafi camp where many soldiers attached to the Military Intelligence were killed in mass by the express orders of ‘Chairman Rawlings’.

But a new development is emerging in which Rawlings is alleged to have told his bodyguard to make sure one Major Asare suffers before he is shot.

According to the account in ‘Rawlings, Murder and Lies’ by Mathew Adabuga, Major Asare had run to Broadcasting House to say he was asked by Rawlings to take over and make the announcement in the aftermath of the 1981 coup but Major Asare was arrested and taken to see Rawlings who asked him “Did I send you to take over?” The soldier did not answer whereupon Rawlings ordered him to be killed immediately, insisting they make him suffer.

Major Asare’s body hence disappeared and his family was not to hear from him again.

Mathew Adabuga said there is a mass grave at the Teshie shooting area where Asare might have been dumped too.

Source: My News GH
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