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Let’s be very careful in judging people – Duncan-Williams

N Duncan Williams   Action Chapel General Overseer, Action Chapel International ministry, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Mon, 12 Apr 2021 Source: GNA

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, the Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International has cautioned Christians to be very careful in judging people.

He said inside every human being, there was a constant battle between the human body and the human spirit; stating that there was nobody that was spiritually free from this flesh till the day he died.

“It is an everyday conflict; you can get it right today and miss it tomorrow,” Archbishop Duncan-Williams said in his sermon on Sunday on the theme, “Keep Being Filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Archbishop Duncan-Williams said Christians needed to keep being filled with the Holy Spirit, every day, for “out of your belly shall flow the rivers of living waters”.

He said one of the major reasons why Christians needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit was that there was an ongoing conflict for dominance, either over their human spirit or over their flesh.

“The flesh is in contention with your spirit and it wants dominance over your spirit and your spirit is in contention with your flesh because it also seeks and wants dominance over your flesh. Whoever, you yield to shall have the upper hand; so, it is a constant fight, till the day we check out. It is not going to end till the day you die,” the Archbishop said.

“I am not surprised when I hear some spiritual man or some spiritual woman has slipped or erred or sinned or fallen, I don’t condemn them.”

Archbishop Duncan-Williams, who compared the Holy Spirit to water, said: “You have to keep drinking water every day of your life till you check out because the day you don’t drink water, you get dehydrated.

“And when you don’t get full of the Holy Spirit every day, or any day, your water level drops and when your water level drops your electricity power is restricted and limited.”

He said whenever one was filled with wine, he was under the influence or detects of wine and that when one was drunk or full of the Holy Spirit, he was under the command, the dictates and the influence of the Holy Spirit.

Source: GNA