Living among the dead: The story of Abubakar, Michael whose home is the cemetery

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Sun, 7 Feb 2021 Source: Eric Dorfe, Contributor

The Osu Cemetery, ordinarily a final resting place for the dead has unbelievably become a safe abode for the living, who are competing with the dead, for a place to rest.

As fearful and mysterious as the place may be, Micheal and Abubakar say this is the place they find peace and solace in because they have no place in the “world” to lay their heads.

Forced out of the normal due to poverty and lack of support systems, Micheal, a young man whose dream is to become a musician says he believes all is not lost for him.

During the day, he produces and sells television antennas and returns to his “home,” the cemetery where he lays on any tombstone of his choice.

Aside from the place being his sleeping place, he lives normally at the cemetery and cooks and baths here. According to him, he has no support from his family.

The story of Michael is no different from that of Abubarkar who says he believes in skills training. He was also forced to stay in the cemetery due to difficulties in life.

He travelled to Accra to make ends meet which appears to have eluded him. Unfortunately, these young men are unable to go back to the village because they will be seen as failures and unsuccessful young men.

The two are appealing for support from the general public.

Source: Eric Dorfe, Contributor